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Constructing A School: Two Things To Keep In Mind If You Are To Reduce Future Maintenance Costs

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When building a school, it is usually a good idea to try and do so in such a manner that it will end up not only being beautiful, but also very low cost as well. The last thing you want to keep worrying about is having to do frequent

Lin-sanity: Only the Latest Underdog to Inspire America

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Since the completion of America’s ultimate underdog story ( the American Revolution ), this country has been fascinated by teams and individuals that rise up from humble beginnings and capture our hearts. There was  Rulon Gardner, who was raised as a dairy farmer in Wyoming before becoming a middle

How Game Shows Can Lead to Post-College Success

If you are a college student like me, you can get caught sometimes wondering if you could have done something to improve your chances for success after college. I remember over-achievers getting internships freshman year, high-school seniors earning a semester’s worth of credits through AP classes, even middle school

Penn State is Not The Problem, Football Is.

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By now, most of the college students around the country are aware of the recent child sexual abuse controversy involving Penn State University’s former Assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky. By now this controversy has caused the axing of its Head Football coach, President and Vice-President by the trustees of the

Sports Fans V.S. Sports Fanatics

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I once believed whole heartily that I was in fact a real life sports fan. Often, glimpses of this belief arise in me, I am given hope as I enter into one of many sports conversations with my friends. For a moment, I am in tact, I have offerings to give
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