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How First Time Parents Can Balance Work And Parenthood Easily

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When thinking of getting your first baby, one of the things that you may be worried about is how you are going to take care of them as you work. This is something that is very important in this day and age since most people take their careers very

Homeschooling: Is It for You? Some Tips to Getting Started

Are you thinking about homeschooling this next schoolyear? It doesn’t matter if you are getting straight A’s and find school exceptionally easy or if you are behind in a few subjects and find the idea of alternative learning a better way to succeed. You will find that this is

Effectively Preparing For Summer Camp

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If you are a parent, chances are you are sending your children off to summer camp this summer. Summer camp will hopefully provide your children with the opportunity to get their wiggles out and enjoy the long, hot summer in the great outdoors. However, as a parent, you may

Over Educating Can Discourage Creativity

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The public education system in the United States over plays the significance of the study of math and science, causing teachers to leave Hemingway and Van Gogh in their rear view mirror. To fully understand the context of our public education system, we must travel back in time to

Three Ways to Establish a Professional Online Presence

Long gone are the days when all one needed to obtain a job was a resume and cover letter. With the abundance of technological developments in the past 20 years, employers seek for individuals who demonstrate the ability to stay-up-to-date and knowledgeable about the latest technological advancements. To distinguish


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educate: from educare-to lead forth (Merriam Dictionary) What I love about the word “educare” is that it means “to lead forth” or “to bring out.” Since educare (education) is “bringing out something,” the obvious implication is that there is something already within that is worth being brought out… and

Christmas on a Budget

Christmas is just around the corner, but you are a poor student, and have a very limited budget for purchasing gifts for everyone you care about. Here are five ways that you can spend less money on Christmas gifts. 1. Thrift store The thrift store is a great place

Holiday Shopping on a Budget

With the holiday season in full effect, people are starting to shell out serious cash for gifts. Holiday shopping can be stressful and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The following tips will help you save money (and your sanity) as you begin your holiday shopping:

How to Write an Impressive Cover Letter

If you’re like how I used to be, you think that cover letters are optional and aren’t a big deal—all you need is a strong resume, right? Not really. Cover letters are just as important as resumes, and should be included with every resume that you send to an

Ace the SAT with These 5 Tips

October 1st marks the next SAT test date. SAT scores are one of many important deciding factors colleges use in their admissions process, so it’s important that you take advantage of all of the opportunities available to do well on such an important test. The following are things you
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