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Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology

Jeff Dunham Achmed’s “Jingle Bombs”

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Christmas on a Budget

Christmas is just around the corner, but you are a poor student, and have a very limited budget for purchasing gifts for everyone you care about. Here are five ways that you can spend less money on Christmas gifts. 1. Thrift store The thrift store is a great place

Teaching English in China – Greetings from Changsha, Hunan, China!

From Today, we kickoff our new blogging series, “Teaching English in China”. So, keep an eye out for regular updates! My name is Courtney Tomlinson, but my students here in Changsha, Hunan, China call me Miss T! For the past four months and for the rest of the year,

[Video] Guys digging for water surfing at Waimea River, Hawaii

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Team Work at its Best! Video spotted by @Manishkakadiya. Found an interesting video that we should feature? Put a link in the comments section. Waimea River – How to make waves   NEW VERSION / NOVA VERSÃO: Balaram Stack, Fisher Heverly, Stephan Figueiredo, Dennis Tihara, Gabriel Pastori, Diego

Last Minute Halloween Decorating

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Halloween is just a few days away, but you have been busy studying and being active on your college campus so you haven’t had time to decorate. Finally, you have found some free time, want to have your personal space Halloween ready for a quiet gathering amongst goblins, witches

How to Use Facebook for Class

If you bring a laptop to class, it’s almost inevitable that you visit Facebook at least once. But the most popular social networking site doesn’t have to be taboo. You can use it to help you stay focused in class. One thing that will not work is if you

Twenty Things to be Included in a School Survival Kit

If you’re like me, you spend most of your day at school, waking up early to get a good parking spot and not leaving until the last hour of work on the schedule. It’s a long time to be away from the main hub (my apartment) and without my

IQ Test – What is it and How it’s Used?

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The IQ test is the common name for Intelligence Quotient. An IQ test is a way to measure the relative intelligence of a person, but the answers derived from an IQ test aren’t based on the amount of knowledge a person has. To fully understand how an IQ test

African Golden Cat Video

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You might have never seen a video of an African Golden Cat which is so rare. Recently, Panthera, a nonprofit working towards conservation of these cats released a rare video of the cat:
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