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Textbook or-Deals

Back to class means back to work and more purchasing of textbooks; but did you know- you don’t have to purchase them from your bookstore? With the new modern technology present, there are multiple ways one can save money on textbooks that you need for school. Textbook Rentals: One

Starting Over in Spring Semester

” First semester I didn’t do well, I could have done better!” “I didn’t realize I had all the resources I have now.” …. Sounds like you? Well don’t worry you are not the only one. As a freshman or just being in your fall semester, sometimes you don’t

Can I Really Live With Them? Roommate Problems

  School just started and you and your roommate are not seeing eye to eye because he likes his music loud and you want to study for your next quiz. Your earphones were not meant to block off his music- what should you do. Try Talking It Out Some

Midterm Worries

If you are a student in college you may be panicking about your midterm grades. Midterm grades are vital to your college career but you have to remind yourself it is not the end of the world. Midterms are a way for you to realize where you are academically.

Five Things High School Students Need to do Before College

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As the new school year starts for high school students, one can only sense anxiety when it comes to looking and preparing for college. Luckily for you, I have a few suggestions that will lead you into the right direction. Majors and Minors: Some people attend college and are
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