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Over Educating Can Discourage Creativity

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The public education system in the United States over plays the significance of the study of math and science, causing teachers to leave Hemingway and Van Gogh in their rear view mirror. To fully understand the context of our public education system, we must travel back in time to

New Semester, New Start

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Every semester I set a new list of goals for myself and I tend to achieve some of them, but not many. I figured I would share with you some of my tips for time management, studying, and test taking strategies. The rule of thumb is that you spend

Round Year Holiday Cheer

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The day after Halloween I was already playing a Christmas playlist on Pandora. Along with searching for gifts on Amazon, watching Elf, and baking gingerbread men. Then when Thanksgiving and Christmas pass, it always feels like I have absolutely nothing to look forward to until summer, which is many
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