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Sports Fans V.S. Sports Fanatics

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I once believed whole heartily that I was in fact a real life sports fan. Often, glimpses of this belief arise in me, I am given hope as I enter into one of many sports conversations with my friends. For a moment, I am in tact, I have offerings to give

Chris’s Journal: Searching for a Job

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The following post is from Chris’s Day to Day Journal I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Northern Virginia. I bought a medium sized tea, which is now inside of me, and I’ve been looking for jobs all day (I couldn’t find any on Facebook). I sent out some cold

College Juniors and Seniors – What Should You Be Thinking?

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I was a senior in college, I had just finished the semester long, paper work heavy process of registering my university’s economics club with our student government as the founder and president. I organized meetings and drafted membership bylaws, we even went on a field trip. That same semester,
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