7 Note Taking Skills for High School and College Students

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Do your notes look more like chicken scratch than an organized stream of thought? Do you review your notes before a test, only to find that you have no idea what you were trying to say? Note-taking can be difficult because you can’t take time off to organize your

5 Best 13 inch Laptops For Students

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The 13 inch laptops are a perfect hybrid for campus students and globe-trotting executives. Their key advantages include performance, portability and great features. Most of the 13 inch laptops are ultrabooks but there are also a few heftier “performance” laptops. Kirabook 13-17s touch ultrabook The kirabook 13-17s touch ultrabook

How to Study in College to Ace a Class

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Studying is one of those necessary evils of college. No one likes doing it… but we all recognize that it’s necessary to pass our classes. But if you’re not doing it correctly, there’s no way to be sure you’ll ace your exams. If you’ve never studied a day in

7 Unique Laptop Accessories for Students

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With almost every student, whether in college or High School, having their own laptop, great laptop accessories are in demand.  With so many choices available, it comes down to what individual students want, but there are a few accessories, such as the ones that are listed below, that deserve

15 Successful Test Taking Tips for students

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One of the most important factors in test taking is knowing how to prepare for the test.  It’s in this preparation that students will feel calmer, more confident and ready to take the test and do well on it.  Utilizing successful test taking tips can also keep any kind

Top 7 Best Printers for College

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Heading off to college within the next few months? You will want to have a printer with you so you don’t have to hunt down the computer lab just to print out an assignment or even a larger paper. The best printers for college will do much more than

8 Good Study Habits to Have Your Career Rocking And Improve Grades!

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Achieving the heights of success is every aspiring student’s dream today. Unlike to the olden times, when just a degree could have sufficed, nowadays, nothing below a B grade is going to have you reach the summit. Scoring well in exams now has been like a tug of war to the

5 Reading Comprehension Strategies You Need To Utilize

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Reading comprehension strategies can help a student have a simpler time studying and achieving higher exam scores. Moreover, understanding what you read can help you in all areas of your life.  From job applications to signing a contract, you will need to fully understand text that you read in

6 Memory Techniques for Students

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Memory is an important aspect of learning. Is it possible to improve it? Students can make use of different memory techniques to enhance and improve their memory, so that they are able to do well in exams. Although anyone can memorize anything recollecting the data in a correct manner

How to Learn New Things That Genuinely Matter to You: 6 Inevitable Tools

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In today’s fast-paced world, opportunities could be missed in the blink of an eye. Hobbies and trades are left behind so that workloads can be met. How to learn new things, when there’s always a major time crunch, with you constantly running a rat race? In times like these,